Gust is a kid-driven collectibles non-fungible token (NFT) project on the Ethereum blockchain. It was created by a 6-year-old kid, MiuMiu. There are 10 different Gusts with their own names and characters.

A collection of Gust NFTs

By collecting Gust NFT, you become one of the sponsors for the Meta Kids Fund. There will be 20% of the profit reserved for Meta Kids Fund in order to support the next child’s art-work. We believe that through this Fund we can encourage more children with their parents to explore their talent, create more characters, and build a new children's wonderland.


2021/12.23 Mint


Gust’s ultimate goal is to gradually build a Children’s Metaverse.
During Phase 1, the Creation of Gusts, presents the model of love between generations.
In the Phase 2, the company of Guts, we wish thru Meta Kids Fund encourage more children to join this project.
In the Phase 3, we believe these GUSTs IP and new characters can journey to the real world, with these positive images help the real world better. In the end, gather all these great projects to establish a Great Children’s metaverse.


People who purchase the Gust NFT can own their portrait commercial rights, and will hold Gust parties from time to time.
Each Gust have different names and personalities. These personalities are contingent by 10types of DNA. Those are Hope, Confidence, Cleverness, Perseverance, Sophisticated,Vivid, Love for giving, Aesthetic, Wisdom, and Eternity.